Understanding When to Use Cat Boarding Services

All pet owners love their furry best friends and without a doubt want what’s best for them at all times. As pet owners travel, there are a few different routes to take to ensure their feline friend is well taken care of. In-home services can be a good option, but may be a non-option due to certain limitations or if you don’t trust the service. A cat boarding service may be the perfect option if you need to leave your cat for an extended period of time.

Cat boarding facilities are set up to attend to all the needs of your cat, especially if there are special needs.

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Of course, the basics are taken care of, like food, water, shelter, and toys to play with. Depending on the facility, the cat may have their own space altogether, separate from other cats.

These facilities are often overseen by veterinary professionals who are certified to administer medication if the cat needs it. Often, boarding services are used when pet owners travel out of town, but can also be used as a medical care facility if medical attention is needed that the owner cannot provide.

The veterinarian in the embedded video discusses her facility and the different amenities offered, as well as what can be expected from any boarding facility. Reach out to your local service to discover what they have to offer.

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