10 Home Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Summer’s just around the corner. And since most of us weren’t able to do some serious spring cleaning because of the present pandemic, we can somehow extend our spring cleaning season to spill over to summer.

Now that the states are reopening and the government is allowing more movement at this time, albeit under certain conditions set by the CDC and the local government, we can finally get some proper home maintenance and cleaning done.

10 Home Maintenance Tips to Do This Summer

1. Inspect your HVAC system.

As the season changes, certain maintenance tasks also change to cope with how the different parts of the home will be used. At this point, since we’re almost into the hottest season of the year, it’s best to check that your HVAC system can handle cooling your home.

If you’re concerned about the inevitable increase in your electric bill due to more frequent use of your air conditioning system, you might want to consider having a sunpower panel installer swing by to see how you can incorporate solar energy to help power your home.

2. Check all detectors if they’re working.

Safety is still one of the most important priorities when it comes to your home. Make sure that you check that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. If you find one in your home that’s not functioning, perhaps it’s time to replace its batteries.

3. Give your grill a good cleaning.

Summertime is the best time to do some outdoor cooking in your backyard or poolside. Before you prep the food you’re about to cook, make sure that your grill is in great condition first. Give it a good and thorough cleaning.

4. Let your laundry dry out under the summer heat.

One of the best things about summer is you can hang your laundry out to dry under the sun. All you need to do is install an outdoor clothesline to help you save on money and energy by not using your dryer.

5. Wash and clean your windows.

Giving your windows a good washing should always be done whatever season it is. A nice and sparkling window never fails to add to your home’s curb appeal.

6. Check your deck.

Since you will be spending a lot of time on your deck this summer, make time to go over every inch of it. Look for any defects or wears-and-tears that need fixing such as rotting planks and poking nailheads. It’s also recommended that you check if your deck needs sealing or not.

7. Look for leaks.

Take time to go around the house and inspect all your water fixtures, hoses, and pipelines. See if there are leaks or drips that need to be repaired and work on it as soon as you spot one.

8. Tend to your garden.

Spring and summertime are great times to work on making your front lawn and backyard beautiful. Prune what needs to be pruned. Replant what needs to be replanted. Check every plant in your garden and be sure to give it the proper care and attention it needs.

9. Water your plants regularly.

One good way of seeing that your plants are well taken care of is regularly watering them. Have a fixed schedule for watering your plants. Do not neglect this aspect of plant care because the weather during the summertime can get a bit harsh on plants and flowers. Watering them well helps ensure they survive the weather.

10. Give your porch a polished finish.

Front view of a wooden front door on a yellow house with reflections in the window and a wide view of the porch and front walkway.

Give your patio and porch a good scrubbing to make it shine again. Sweep painted porch floors and mop them well. For floors that have plenty of dirt build-up, give it a good scrub to loosen the dirt.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can enjoy a clean home throughout the summer.

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