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How to Become a Responsible Tree Owner

Having trees around your yard or garden is great for the environment. They double as a place where you can get some shade and where you can hang out during the summertime while lying down on a hammock. But some of them tend to grow to be as tall as a house. That can become a problem if it overlaps a property line. You might find yourself stepping over your neighbor’s boundary. This can be remedied if there are just some branches that are crossing over, which means that a little tree trimming is in order.

Being mindful of others’ space is one thing that you have to do when you have a large tree in your home. Here are other things you have to look out for to become a responsible owner of these large-scale plants.

Rake the Leaves In

Seasons come and go, but each of them affects your trees differently. The warm summer days cause their leaves to dry up. When autumn comes, they shed those leaves to make room for new ones. Those dried leaves add a nice orange or brownish tinge to the environment. But beauty aside, it is also your duty to clean the ones in your yard. Dispose of them properly by bagging them up and sending them to your garbage bin.

If you have a tree that is so large that some of its branches flow over to your neighbor’s side, offer to rake those leaves up for them as a courtesy. Also, do not have them burned as it adds to air pollution and can also be a fire hazard. Ashes that are flown away can still carry a little bit of heat and be a fire hazard. They can still ignite flammable materials when they land on them.

Watch Those Electrical Wires

electric wire on the pole

If you live in an area where you have electrical posts, you have to keep an eye on the growth path of your tree. Chances are that someday it may hit some wires overhead. If you neglect that, the branches may become entangled. It could even cause a short circuit, which can lead to some dangerous situations and major inconveniences such as a power outage. If this is your situation now, you’d better call your energy provider and report it. They should bring in some technicians who can clear those branches off.

Share and Care

No one ever hurt doing goodwill to another person. If you have some fruit-bearing trees, offer some to your neighbor. It will be a great way to show appreciation, especially if you have disturbed them a few times due to your big tree. Nothing beats eating fruit and having a nice moment with a person you can possibly call a friend in the future.

There is a good deal of care and responsibility associated with having large trees in your backyard. Make sure that you are not being a hindrance to other people or causing them inconvenience. Having no conflicts will be the best outcome. It means that there is no need for drastic measures and that everybody stays happy.

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