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Your Home Could Be Making You Sick. Here’s How.

Many of us consider our homes to be our refuge. But what many fail to recognize is that maybe, your home is the very reason why you are often tired, stressed out, and sick. After all, unhealthy house syndrome is not just a myth.

We already know that a clean house is a must, not just to keep things organized. Regular cleaning is an everyday chore to ensure our living space will both look and feel clean. However, it is not just a messy home that’s making your home into an unhealthy living space. If you have the following issues, then these are the very reasons why your home is now making you sick:

You have pests inside your home

The last things anyone would want inside the house are rodents, cockroaches, and other pests. But then, a single pest problem can already cause jeopardy in your once healthy home. This is why it pays to hire an exterminator the first time you see signs of pests under your roof. They can help you identify your current pest situation, provide you with solutions, and get rid of your pest issues for good.

Mold is present in your house

Mold might not look like a severe health issue. But in reality, mold can cause allergy-like symptoms. If you or one of your housemates is extremely sensitive to mold spores, then it can cause infection and even toxic effects. Preventing leaks, keeping your home dry, and controlling moisture is the best way to prevent mold growth from becoming a nuisance in your home.

Your cleaning agents are to blame

The products we choose to clean our homes should not only be useful but safe as well. You might think that since the products you decide to buy are out in the market, they are already considered safe. But this is not the case. According to an investigation by the Environmental Working Group, many substances in artificial cleaners can be health hazards. This is why it pays to choose chemical-free household cleaners instead.


The house was built with the wrong materials

In the past, many of the materials used to build houses are actually harmful to one’s health. Those with volatile organic compounds, for instance, can cause headaches, liver damage, and even cancer. Radon exposure is linked to thousands of lung cancer deaths. This is why if you are building your home, make sure to only use materials that are deemed safe and high-quality.

Wind-pollinated plants surround your home

The plants you chose to be part of your home environment could also be to blame for your allergy-like symptoms. This could very well be the reason why when your windows are open or when you’re outside, you have watery eyes, stuffy nose, or is having a hard time breathing. If this is the case, then it is time to invest in large shade trees, common weeds, and lawn grasses instead.

There are dozens of other things that can contribute to an unhealthy home. But the items on this list are often the main reasons why you fail to have a healthy home. By knowing the main reasons that are costing your health, then you can address them accordingly and not let them wreak havoc on your health.

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