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7 Fun Summer Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Kids

Summertime is a great time to build new memories with your family. It is these meaningful memories that your children will treasure and cherish their whole lives.

Make sure you make the most of the time you have with them by doing fun things outdoors with them. Studies show that kids who spend the least amount of time outdoors are 55% more likely to develop psychiatric issues growing up.

Do your kids a favor. The next time the weather is inviting, go out and have some fun. We have listed 7 fun activities — mostly free — things you can do with them this summer.

Play games outdoors.

For most people, some of their best childhood memories involve lots of outdoor play. Unfortunately, in this digital age, not a lot of kids really get to experience what it’s like to play outdoors. Show them how to do hula hoops. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard. Learn to do cartwheels. Play catch, hopscotch, or hide-and-seek. Organize a family nature scavenger hunt. Kids will have a blast doing these things, including the kid in you.

Go on picnics.

A family picnic is always an awesome thing to do. Prepare some healthy snacks, stuff them in a picnic basket, and head off to the park. Lie down on the grass and have fun looking at cloud shapes. Eat ice cream. Tell each other jokes and stories. Dance like crazy and sing as loud as you can.

Work with animals.

Most children have an inclination to animals, especially dogs and cats. This is a great opportunity for all of you to learn how to train a dog. Go to a dog board-and-train facility and observe how the pros do it and get tips. Feed birds or go bug hunting in the park. The more they know about how amazing these creatures are, the more they appreciate nature and life in general.

Have some productive fun.

Just because you’re being productive doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Things such as painting the fence, planting a garden, walking the neighbors’ dogs, and helping clean up the neighborhood can be fun if you guys do it together.

Doing these will let you spend time with your kids and teach them the value of responsibility.

Get creative and artistic.

Getting messy is a great part of childhood that adults take for granted. Being carefree as you work on chalk art, make mud pies, paint on a canvas, or sculpt fun things with Play-Doh can be quite liberating.

Set up a backyard camp and spend the night there.

If you have no time to organize a camping trip, why don’t you hold one in your own backyard? Roast s’mores around a campfire. Tell ghost stories. Hold a movie night in the backyard or roof deck and go stargazing afterward.

When you wake up in the morning, your kids will be raving about what a fun night it was for them.

Get wet.

Child playing with garden sprinkler

When all else fails, get wet. Hold a water balloon or water gun fight with your kids. Run through sprinklers together. Or just wash the car together. Anything that gets kids messy is always fun for them. Why do we know this? Because we’re all grown up and we still like it!

Bonus: Chill on your deck or patio and do absolutely nothing.

Yes, being lazy can also be lots of fun. It lets you slow down and just be with your children. Time is something we all wish to have more of, especially time spent with family.

Quality time doesn’t always have to mean doing something. Not doing anything and just hanging out with your family is a great thing to do.

Do you know any other fun outdoor family activities?

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