Dog Owner Regrets and How to Deal with Each One

Owning a dog can bring one happiness like no other. The unconditional love, everlasting companionship, and wonderful health benefits are what prompted many to adopt a dog or two. But like most good things, it will all depend on how you will tackle dog ownership and how you will deal with the challenges of owning a dog.

Taking care of a dog is nowhere an easy task. There are many expenses to add on your list and lots of responsibilities to include on your plate. But one of the hardest things about being a dog owner is the fact that you are making all the decisions concerning your pooch. If you are not careful, you can end up with guilty feelings that are not easy to shake off. The following are just two of the common regret-triggers every dog owner needs to keep in mind.

Choosing a dog without considering its breed

Some dog owners fell in love with their dog at first sight. But what many new dog owners fail to consider is their dog breed of choice. Just because you prefer cute and cuddly dogs already meant they are the perfect dogs for you. According to a survey made by Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance, one out of six owners fail to choose a suitable breed.

Choosing a breed is important as a dog’s breed can affect its size, maintenance needs, temperament, and preferences. This means that if you are looking for a dog, it is crucial that you research and see which dog breeds match your lifestyle and situation. We are not only talking about how much money you can spare for your new family member. It is also crucial that you consider the environment you can offer your dog, what types of behavior your family wants in a pet, and the kind of dog training your new fur baby may need.

Failure to make time for their dogs

Dog smiling

Many pet owners feel guilty for not spending enough quality time with their dogs. Since owning a dog can cost more than a thousand dollars each year, most dog owners need to work longer hours just to make sure they earn enough for their pets. The more hours worked, the less time pet owners have to bond with their dogs.

To spend time with their pets is one of the reasons why some pet owners chose to start working remotely. By working at home, one can have more time to tend to their pet’s needs. If telecommuting is not possible, you can always try taking your dog to work or ask help from your loved ones or the pros. You can ask a friend to watch over your dog while you work or hire a dog walker to give your dog its daily dose of exercise despite your busy schedule. Of course, making time out of your hectic schedule is crucial to make sure you get to show your dog you love and care for them.

Every decision a dog owner makes will have corresponding consequences. Not spending time with your pooch can affect your relationship with them. Even failure to choose the right dog breed can lead to deep regret. For a better dog ownership experience, beware of these common dog owner regret triggers and learn how to avoid them.

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