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Dog Welfare: Helping Your Dog Cope with the Pandemic

Life after the pandemic has been hard for human beings, but slowly, people adjust and get used to the new norm. Dogs, too, have had a hard time adjusting to the pandemic life. Regardless of the dog’s age, dogs hardly meet with other dogs and are more dependent upon their owners. As highlighted by reputable dog trainers, some behaviors that dogs may be experiencing due to the pandemic life include the following.

Dog Etiquette

There are high chances that you have been reluctant to train your dog during the time you have been at home. Is your dog implementing manners and habits taught during training? You might need to offer your dog a refresher course on basic commands and manners.

Separation Anxiety

Primarily, separation anxiety affects puppies but is not limited to them. Adult dogs that have spent every moment with their owners will experience the gap when the owner gets back to work and is not available on a full-time basis. You can tell that your dog has separation anxiety if it barks, paces, whines, or chews when you are going out. As you establish a new routine for your home, it is necessary to ensure a smooth transition so that your dog does not act in distress.


Staying indoors with your family means that your dog has had little exposure to the outside. Similarly, few house guests are walking to your home during this period. Therefore, your dog is not familiar with strangers, new places, and new smells. That will cause a problem when you have to get your dog out of the car the next time you go out, even for a minor activity such as a vet visit.

Now that you have learned about the problems that your dog may be experiencing due to the pandemic life, here are some ways that you can use to help your dog adapt to this lifestyle that may be here longer than you think:

Take Your Dog to Dog Daycare

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Dog daycares are similar to the daycare that parents take their kids to when they are away. In a dog daycare, there are other dogs that your dog will socialize with. The dog will also receive the attention that it deserves from the personnel at the dog daycare. Your dog will enjoy education, exercise, and socialization in a clean and safe environment.

Introduce Exercise Activities

Being around your dog physically is not enough to keep them entertained. A dog will want to cuddle and play with you. Therefore, prioritize engaging in exercise activities with your dog. For mental training purposes, have the exercise activities as part of your dog’s daily routine. That way, your dog will not be sitting beside you, seeking attention always. A basic dog exercise routine may look like this; you can engage in a run or a walk with breaks in between sets. During the breaks, administer basic commands to your dog. You can as well engage in a food puzzle with your dog during your feeding time.

Let Them Socialize

The confinement at home for a long time will have even a well-socialized dog to be timid in a new environment. You can instill confidence in your dog by taking walks in your home or around the neighborhood. During the walk, your dog will experience new places, new people, and new smells. You can also expose the dog to noises around the house to manage the stress your dog may be experiencing.

Designate Personal Spaces

Personal space is significant to human beings, and your dog can greatly benefit from the same. Your dog might be all over the house and be a major distraction to other activities in the house. Instead of the distraction, designate a space for your dog away from family activities. The dog can relax, take a break, or nap in that space without interruptions.

The pandemic life has changed how human beings led their lives, and their pets have been equally affected. While some dogs may be enjoying the constant attention from their owners, some dogs may exhibit strange behavior. Dogs like humans thrive on structure, and it is important that you put your dog on one. The routine you put your dog on will influence its behavior and, as a result, its well-being. Consult with a professional specializing in pet welfare on how to handle your dog when considering putting it on a routine. A dog trainer can also help you draft a routine for you to adopt for your dog.

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